Industry Certifications for Digital Marketers

(last updated October 2019)

Industry certification is a useful way to supplement your UConn digital marketing coursework, and demonstrate your professional mastery of a set of industry-specific concepts and/or tools for digital marketing. Below is a list of companies offering industry certifications to consider, followed by my description and thoughts on each.  If you have suggestions for industry certifications, please reach out!

For students in my Professional Sales course, you can fulfill the course requirement by completing one certification marked “Y” in the “Prof Sales” column below with a passing grade.

Company  Certification Title Type Certification Cost  Prof Sales   Last Reviewed 
Hubspot  Inbound Marketing * Concepts Free Y  Sep 2018
Hubspot  Inbound Sales Concepts Free N Feb 2017
Hubspot  Sales Enablement Concepts Free Y Oct 2019
Hubspot  Email Marketing Concepts Free  Y Feb 2017
Hubspot  Content Marketing Concepts+ Tools Free  Y Feb 2017
Hubspot  Social Media Concepts Free Y Oct 2019
Hubspot  Growth-Driven Design Concepts Free Y Oct 2019
Google Ads  Google Ads Search Concepts Free Y Oct 2019
Google Ads  Google Ads Display Concepts Free Y Oct 2019
Google Ads  Google Ads Video Concepts Free Y Oct 2019
Google Analytics  Google Analytics for Beginners Tools Free-UConn email will not work Y Sep 2017

Hubspot: If your focus is B2B marketing for small to medium businesses or nonprofits, certification from Hubspot is a great place to start.  Targeted at helping their clients, partner agencies and partner agency’s clients become better marketers, Hubspot’s content is consistent with the concepts taught in UConn classes, adding some Hubspot-specific language. Because Hubspot’s marketing focus is sales lead-centric versus e-commerce centric, it aligns particularly well with my Professional Sales class, with its focus on integrating digital marketing and professional sales.

Google: It’s hard to be a digital marketer and not have a good working knowledge of Google tools.  The courses shown here cover how to use two sets of Google digital marketing tools: the Google Ads platform for paid online advertising and the Google Analytics platform for website activity reporting.  Note that for Google Analytics, UConn students will need to use a different email than their one due to the way our Google account is configured at UConn