Content Prep- Assessing Marketing Context

[UConn] = requires a UConn NetID to access.  [MM] = readings from Iacobucci 2018 Marketing Management. [VPD] = readings from Osterwalder et al 2014 Value Proposition Design

Required Content

[MM] Chapter 1: Why is Marketing Management Important (all sections)

  • Marketing is defined as an ___________ between an organization and its customers.
  • Explain the three elements of Iacobucci’s marketing management framework (5Cs, STP, 4Ps)
  • How would you map the 5Cs into the business model canvas & environment?

[MM] Chapter 16: Marketing Strategy (16-1, 16-2a)

  • 16-1 Types of Business and Marketing Goals
    • How does Iacobucci organize the different ways to increase profitability?
    • How might you more usefully categorize the many ways we can increase sales volume?
      • (hint, one approach is shown as part of Exhibit 16-9)
  • 16-2a Ansoff Product-Market Growth Matrix
    • Define the two dimensions and each of the resulting strategies
    • What type of business risk is associated with each dimension?

[UConn] Video Summary of SWOT analysis

  • What is the goal of a SWOT analysis?
  • Define and provide examples of each of the elements in a SWOT analysis

Osterwalder et al “Business Model Environment, Evaluating Business Models” (p. 200-215)

  • Describe the five market forces you would analyze in a market analysis, and provide examples of questions you might ask to evaluate each force.
  • Describe how a SWOT analysis and an analysis of the business model and its environment can be used together to consider business model innovation.

Optional Content