Content Prep- Sizing and Selecting Target Segments

[UConn] = requires a UConn NetID to access.  [MM] = readings from Iacobucci 2018 Marketing Management. [VPD] = readings from Osterwalder et al 2014 Value Proposition Design

Required Content

  • [MM]Chapter 4: Targeting
    • Why does Iacobucci argue is it important to choose specific segments to serve?
    • Explain Iacobucci’s two strategic criteria for selecting target markets.
    • What other factors does Iacobucci suggest using when selecting target markets?
    • Explain the general approach Iacobucci illustrates for sizing markets.
  • Blank- Market Opportunity Analysis (1 min video) and TAM, SAM and Target Market (4 min video)
    • Define Total Available Market (TAM), Served Available Market (SAM), and Target Market
    • How does Blank suggest that you estimate TAM, SAM and Target Market size?
  • Best- Market Potential and Market Growth; Accelerating Market Growth
    • How do Best’s definitions of market potential and market penetration relate to Blank’s market definitions
    • Outline the two types of forces that affect the rate at which new customers enter a market and the characteristics that “tip” customers into entering more quickly.
  • Aulet- What is a Beachhead Market (2 min video)
    • Why does Aulet argue it make sense to choose one market to initially serve?
    • What are Aulet’s two key characteristics of a beachhead market?