Case Prep: Exablate Neuro

You do not need to submit answers to the questions below; use them to help structure and sharpen the analysis and insights that support your decision.

Key Decision Questions:

  • Identify your estimates of the current TAM and SAM for the Exablate Neuro
  • Identify your chosen beachhead target market for ExAblate Neuro, and estimate its size.
  • Why did you choose the target market that you did?

Recommended Supporting Questions and Analysis

  1. Discuss the prevalence and incidence of ET in the United States. Are the numbers sufficiently large to be of interest to Davis?
  2. What are the advantages/disadvantages of the different extant therapies available for treating symptoms of ET?
  3. Who is the customer for this new therapy, and how would you segment the market to find high-priority segments?
  4. What does the decision-making process look like and who are the key influencers Davis must get in her corner?
  5. What is the value proposition for the ExAblate Neuro? How might Davis position InSightec’s innovation in the market?
  6. What are the barriers to adoption of this new technology?