Case Prep: Gallardos Goes to Mexico

You do not need to submit answers to the questions below; use them to help structure and sharpen the analysis and insights that support your decision.

Key Decision Question:   What should Gallardo do more of, less of, or differently to gain share against California in Mexico? Why?

Recommended Supporting Questions and Analysis

  1. Consider the internal and external context:
    1. What kinds of product, packaging, price, place and promotion changes would be easy for Gallardo to make at this point, and which would be more challenging?
    2. How do channel partners affect decisions in this market?
    3. What direct and indirect competitors are important to consider?
    4. What other internal or external factors are important to consider?
  2. Evaluate the benefits and challenges of the “jobs-based” segmentation and positioning approach that Gallardo has used in developing its products and taking them to the Mexican market.
  3. Define what you think Gallardo’s CURRENT positioning statement for the “express my talent and love” customer segment might be.  How (if at all) do you think they should change this positioning statement going forward? Why or why not?
  4. Evaluate the value of aspirational aspect of the Gallardo’s brand.  What alternative actions does it support? What actions does it constrain?  Should Gallardo’s move away from it? Why or why not?
  5. Evaluate the packaging, pricing, distribution and promotion activities that are part of taking Gallardo’s new products to marketing in Mexico. What problems with Gallardo’s strategy or execution (if any) might be contributing to why California is growing share faster than Gallardo?