Case Prep: Wildfang

Part 1 of our Wildfang case discussion will focus on exploring Wildfang’s business model options and the context in which they are making their key decision. We will return to Wildfang at the later in the course to do some quantitative analysis.

You do not need to submit answers to the questions below; use them to help structure and sharpen the analysis and insights that support your decision.

Key Decision Question: Which business model option should McIlroy choose to further grow Wildfang?

Recommended Supporting Questions and Analysis

  1. Outline Wildfang’s current business model and its business model environment. What 2-3 key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats come out of your analysis that are particularly important to keep in mind about the context of this decision?
  2. What functional, social and experiential benefits might the Wildfang brand offer its customers as part of its value proposition?
  3. Do you think the Wildfang brand is riding a short-term fad, or does its tomboy positioning have staying power? Why?
  4. Create a summary table comparing the two business model designs under consideration. What aspects of the current business model will need to change under each design? How feasible are these sets of changes given your analysis in #1?